Why does it cost $1 for Tournament Listings on the Calendar, they used to be free?
The $1 fee goes to cover the processing of your listing. It takes time to add your event to the calendar. People do not work for free. A website costs money to keep running and unfortunately, these costs have to be covered somehow. In the end $1 is a nominal fee to cover the few minutes it takes us to enter the information into our calendar. You have the added benefit of your information being on the calendar indefinitely. We will archive old events, but only as needed. People will be able to refer to your event now and in the future. You receive a link to a website that gives details about your event and/or tournament. You also receive a link back to your website as the promoter. This is very cheap advertising for your tournament/event/promoter. It is a win-win for only $1.
Why the sudden redesign?
All things must change. TSKN was in need of a major overhaul and had been for a long time. The added bonus with this change is that the servers are faster. The platform is more efficient. Everything is better organized and easier to use. TSKN can offer more than we were able to offer users in the past.
Why so much advertising?
Again, the website costs money to run and maintain. To offset rising costs, we hope to promote tournaments and martial arts based events and businesses. This is why we have kept the introductory advertising pricing low. As demand rises, we may not need to have so many spots and may be offer a larger variety of ad types.
Where are the photo an video galleries?
There was an issue in transferring the galleries from the older server. We are working on recovering the old videos and photos if possible. All old videos can be purchased on DVD.
Where should technical questions with the website be directed?
Technical problems with the website should be directed to Stacey Sansom and Stacey Sansom Designs via the webmaster@texas-sport-karate.com email address. All other correspondence should go through the appropriate channels on the Contact Us page.